Soke Jeff Hughes, PhD, 10th Dan
    Kokuba Matsumura Shi Toh Ryu
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    President, Executive Director - Kokuba 
             Matsumura Karate Union

    IMSS Life Member

    RyuHa Master, Kokuba Matsumura Shi Toh Ryu

    Featured in "Who's Who in Karate" 1982 Edition

 Member - World Grandmaster's Council's
                  International Hall of Fame

 Member - United States Martial Artist Association
                 International Hall of Fame

Awarded - "Grasshopper Award" by Soke Dave and the "International
        Matsumura Seito Society"

Inducted - Hawaii Martial Arts Society's International Hall of Fame 
                   "Master of the Year", May 2002

 Registered and Certified "Founder and Family Head" of "Kokuba Matsumura    Shito Ryu" by the "Koo Yudo Kwan", Seoul, Korea

 Inducted and Certified, "Founder and Family Head" of "Kokuba Matsumura 
 Shito Ryu" by the "World Head of Society", "Heads and  Founders  Society of   International Styles"   Kobe, Japan     April 2003

 Received the "W.O.M.A Sports Award" (World Organizar of Martial Arts)   April  2003

 Certified "Founder and Family Head" of "Kokuba Matsumura Shito Ryu" by the "World Soke  Headquarters" - Kobe, Japan   April 2003

 Awarded "PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Martial Arts", by the "Delaware   State Council  of Higher Arts Education and Applied Science". 
 September 2003


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