Soke Dr. John Ruberto, 9th Dan  (In Loving Memory)
   1946 - 2014
Will be Remembered Forever!!!!!

 Hakuryu Do Jiutien Zhidao
 The White Dragon Academy of Martial Arts
 Muskegon, Michigan

 IMSS Senior Advisor

 IMSS Lifetime Member

 IMSS Chinese Martial Arts Senior Advisor

 IMSS Michigan State Director 

Received the "Grasshopper Award" from Soke Dave and
 the International Matsumura Seito Society

 Life Member - United States Martial Artist Association 

 Michigan State Director - United States Martial Artist Association

 Kenpo, Shorin Ryu, Tae Kwon Do "Chin Mu Kwon"
  Kung Fu

 Member - Chinese National Chi Kung Institute

 Certified Instructor in: The Eight Pieces of Brocade, Iron Shirt Chi Kung,
 Aikido, Kundalini Yoga, Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, Long and Short Form,
 BaGua, 18 Palms of Budda, I Chuan, Dao Yin, Meditation

 Chinese Healing Arts ( Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Herbal Medicine)

 Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

 Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine

 Member - United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation

 Member - Cane Masters International Association

 Member - "Council of Masters" for the Bannon Institute of Martial Arts

 Founder and appointed Director of the White Dragon Society

 FIAMA: Fellowship in the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture

 Retired - Board Advisor and Member of the Michigan Medical Acupuncture

 Retired - Board Advisor and Member of the American Medical Manual
 Therapy Association

 Board Advisor of Shebo Hento Ryu Matsumura Karate Do

 Member - "United States Martial Artist Association International Hall of Fame"

 Member - "World Head of Family Sokeship Grandmaster  Council's
                     International Hall of Fame"

Member - "Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Fame"

Michigan State Director - International Okinawa Seishinryoku
                                             Karate-Do Kobudo Association

Awarded 4th Dan - Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate-Do and Kobudo


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