IMSS Civic Awards   
        Public Servants who unselfishly dedicate their lives to the serving
      of their Fellow  Man, and honorably serve God, their Country,
             and their Fellow Citizens.  

( Click on name for more Information )            

Chief Kevin Crews

      Chief Randall Jernigan

         Chief Rickey Billingsley

 Officer Randy Sallee

Chief Joseph Hart

Chief Freddy Hanchey

Chief Jeff Manuel

                          Captain Gary Brown                              

Chief David Carperter

               Chief Steve Reed                

Chief Mike Williams

Captain Vance Ventress

Sheriff Russell Thomas

Chief Mark Jones 

Chief Steve Freeman

Chief John Powell

Sheriff Keith Hannah

Chief Lucas Knight

Chief Ashley Welborn

Sergeant Jake Heath

Chief Jesse Gregson

Chief Jimmy Martin

Deputy Chief Randy Bishop

Lieutenant Bobby Blankenship

Sheriff Bobby Moore

Sergeant  Brian Milam

Beverly Howard

Tommy Bassett, PM

Jim Demoss

Kirk Pearson

Dr. Syed Hussian

Ricky Kilgore, PM

 Illustrious Sir Randall Whitehouse, PP

Illustrious Sir Peter Greg Gregerson, Potentate

Illustrious Sir Darrell Mashburn, PP

Hon. Cheri Barry

Illustrious Sir Glen Watson, PP

Michael McLain PM

Lyn McDurmont Shelton

Illustrious Sir Ron Patrick, PP

Bro Roger Blair

Illustrious Sir Ed Graves

Milton Blakely  PM

Illustrious Sir Tommy McGhee

Illustrious Sir Tom Gaskins



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